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5 Life Drawings - The Bather  -  Carrie ©

5 Life Drawings - The Bather - Carrie ©

Life Drawing - The Bather - Carrie ©








Some of my sketches from this month’s “Life Drawing” session.

I belong to an artist group called the Central Fraser Valley Graphic Guild. Once a month we meet and sketch a live model.

All you need is a few pencils, a sketch book, and someone to draw.

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Outhouses are interesting. Mostly, they are interesting because they bring back memories.

Outhouse - Win Wachsmann ©

Outhouse - Win Wachsmann ©

The most interesting of memories would be the ones connected to 30 below weather, dead of winter, 8:30PM and it’s very dark outside.

My siblings and I pack on our warm parkas, wool mittens and fur lined high-top boots. Our little legs make their way down the snow-packed narrow path to… you guessed it… the outhouse.
This was the bedtime ritual.
As you can imagine, not something I particularly looked forward to.

I am certain you can imagine what the worst part of that memory would be!

Try sitting on a block of ice with your little bare bum!!

Inside looking out - Win Wachsmann ©

Inside looking out - Win Wachsmann ©

Another interesting outhouse memory is connected to  Halloween. Halloween in the country had it’s own terror. The naughty boys of the town would rampage the neighboring farms and tip over all their outhouses.

All except for ours. My Dad was very proud of his outhouse construction. It was the one outhouse in town left standing.

In the country, outhouses remained the toilet of the house, long after city folks hooked up to the modern indoor flush toilet system.

In fact, today I can go to my friend’s farm, and if I have the hankering, I can use one of her outhouses – she has a couple handy.

Outhouse #1. One of the prettiest outhouses I’ve known. Brightly painted with a lace curtain to cover a small window. I step inside and notice the decor. It’s been touched by the hand of creativity.

The little red outhouse

The little red outhouse

outhouse decor

outhouse decor

And when I am finished, I step back outside and there, beside this little outhouse is a container of water, a basin,  soap and a towel. Now how convenient is that?

This little outhouse has been the source of healing from those past chilling memories of years gone by.

Outhouse #2.


And when any of my other friends come to visit this quaint little farm, I’m sure to introduce them to the  two little red outhouses.

This is more like it.  We took this while on one of our trips into the interior of British Columbia. This one’s seen some interesting times I’m sure.

Outhouse photo taken on one of our trips through the Mountains

An early 1900 Outhouse, Silverton B.C. ©

Other names for toilet are:

(Taken from “Sweeter as the Years Go By” written by my good friend , Hilary Jackson who’s traveled much and seen many toilets)

John – rather crude but we still know what the john means.

Powder room – silly but a feminine touch

Rest room – makes one wonder why anyone would want to rest in the toilet.

Water closet or W.C. – is a term used in Europe. W.C. also stands for Wayside Chapel.

P.K. is a term heard in Africa. It stands for piccanini kia, or little house.

Loo, Lav and so on it goes

Outhouse – is just what the word says.”

Enough of that… I have to go see a man about a dog.

For more outhouse photos check out:


Go to the “Story Telling” page.

You won’t be sorry.

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Cabin fever refers to the reaction that takes place when a person is  shut in, for an extended period.

Symptoms include restlessness, irritability, forgetfulness, laughter, and excessive sleeping. (Wikipeda)

I figure it’s time to announce SPRING. I’m sitting snug in my little office, listening to the wind howling, recalling the snow and rain earlier today, and wondering what will the weather be like tomorrow.

Regardless of what tomorrow will be like, I have decided to announce Spring.

To quote a church bulletin board. “Faith is – the Robin that sings before the dawn.”

My announcement of Spring comes with a new “theme” for Nuggets of Gold blog. The Sunflower theme.

One winter I was starving for sunshine. I sat down and painted these sunflowers.

Sunflowers - acylic  by Carrie ©

Sunflowers - acrylic by Carrie ©

I did a little research on colors and how they effect us.

I found that Yellow captures the joy of sunshine and communicates happiness. (among other things)

Orange evokes excitement, enthusiasm and is an energetic color. (among other things)

So, until Spring opens its doors to deliver us from what we call Cabin Fever, put an orange on your desk.  Or you can drop in and visit my blog whenever you need a “color” fix.

You can learn more about how colors effect our mood at:


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The story behind this piece is about Mel and Irene, and the Percheron horses they rescue.

Pencil Crayon  by Carrie ©

Rescued Percherons - Pencil Crayon by Carrie ©

The Rush’s farm is a sanctuary for these large magnificent draft horses. There is little use for these horses in our day and age, and so they are often left unattended in the farmer’s fields. Lack of care and attention results in a very powerful, wild and unmanageable animal.

Mel is a true horse whisperer. He rescues the Percherons from their ultimate demise, and takes on the challenge of taming these powerful beasts. With both patience and love they become useful and gentle creatures.

Each time I visit the Rush’s Percheron farm I have an opportunity  to go for a sleigh ride drawn by two of these powerful work horses. The first time it was Silver and Dollar who were hitched to the sleigh.


That day Mel told me of the latest acquired young adult Percheron named Diamond. Diamond had spent his entire life out in some farmer’s field. He was wild and tough and full of fire. No one could touch him. Without attention his life would be a short one. With great difficulty they were able to catch him and have him transported to the Rush’s farm.

When I first saw Diamond, he was running free and wild in the fields at his new home. Mel stated that at this time, all attempts at getting near to the horse were futile. He had been with them for several months.

A year passed and I once again visit the farm. Mel had just hitched up two beautiful black Percherons to the sleigh and we were ready for another ride through the acres of snow and bush. He handed me the reins. I took them and felt the thrill of the ride in a whole new way.

Mel tells me that the horse on the left is Diamond.

Diamond and Silver

Diamond and Silver

Diamond! I was astonished. This horse was gentle and intelligent, attentive and  eager to work and loving every minute of pulling the load behind him.  Diamond had been transformed.

“How did you do it?” I asked.

Mel told me how they had finally lassoed Diamond and then wrapped the end of the rope around a significantly large tree trunk.  (About a foot in diameter). Seemingly effortlessly, Diamond pulled the tree from it’s roots and dragged it around the field until he was exhausted.

Only then were they were able to bridle him and bring him to the barn. The battle of the wills had been won.  Diamond’s natural gentle nature and love of companionship rose to the surface under the kind and expert hand of The Horse Whisperer, Mel.

I love that story.

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Do you have a special “coffee shop hangout”?   I do.

Perhaps you meet with a friend or two, or perhaps at times it’s just you and a book or your laptop computer.

It's not just about a great cup of coffee

Pencil sketch and Photoshop by Carrie ©

I’m talking about a place where the smells and sounds, the feel of the place draws you back time and time again. A place that makes you feel like you’ve escaped from whatever it is you need to escape from.

I figure it’s not just about a great cup of coffee…it’s about connecting,  about stopping to smell the roses… or the coffee in this case. That’s what it’s all about.

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AT LAST…. The Children’s Story – THE RYDER is now an E-book.

The Children's Story - THE RYDER

The Children's Story - THE RYDER

Several months ago I embarked on a new journey, the journey of blogging and internet marketing. This journey has taken me onto many unknown paths, as well as  opened up many new and exciting doors.

The journey has just begun.

The Children’s Story site is meant to be my Children’s Story Library, where I will be continuing to add new and adventurous stories for “the young at heart” to experience and enjoy.

I want to make you laugh, I want to make you cry,  I want to make you seek and to find, and I want  to stir your soul to embark on your own adventurous journey.

Writing, painting and film are my passion. I want to share my stories with others, in as many ways as possible.

Take some time and visit The Children’s Story site at http://thechildrensstory.traffic4pros.com

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A funny thing happened to me the other day.

I was driving down the street, focused on my destination, when I noticed someone in the vehicle behind me trying desperately to get my attention. I checked my rear view mirror to make sure that the trunk wasn’t open, and my doors were closed properly. My tires seemed to be rolling just fine. I figured it couldn’t be me that this driver was so frantically waving at.

The car closed in on me and continued to honk and wave. Now I could clearly see that it was a woman in the driver’s seat.

I decided I’d better pull over to the side of the road and see what this woman wanted from me. She stopped behind me and jumped out of her vehicle. “There’s something on your car!” she exclaimed, looking both frightened and confused at the same time. She was pointing to something latched on the side of my teal blue Pontiac Convertible.

I gasped and jumped back. I saw what appeared to be a slithering black and pink snake sticking to the side of my rear bumper!

The next second, I burst out into laughter. The pink and black slithering snake was my magnetic necklace.

Do I look like a necklace??!!

Do I look like a necklace??!!

It had come off from around my neck when I removed my sweater and tossed it into the back seat of the car, before getting into the driver’s seat.

I tried to explain the necklace and the magnetic thing – but alas the poor dear still had the look of horror on her face as I calmly placed the necklace back around my neck, and drove away.

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