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Is it just me or does Christmas seem to come around much quicker these years?

A couple of weeks ago, when the reality hit me that the Christmas season was fast approaching, I had a momentary feeling of wanting to just skip it ALL this year…that overwhelming feeling many of us are familiar with…I have so much to do in so little time, with so little money.

Then I did a little reminiscing and thankfully the Christmas spirit came upon me once again.

For those of you who need a little encouragement I invite you to come and reminisce with me.  I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking.

Scenes from Christmas past spending time with family….

Come inside where it's warm - Win ©

Building a Snow Church

Building chapels in the snow - Carrie ©

A morning of family cross country skiing - Carrie ©

Scenes along the way - Bench by a temporarily abandoned campfire - Carrie ©

10 acres of cross country trails to explore - Carrie ©

The sleigh ride - Driving Diamond and Silver - Carrie ©

6 month old St. Bernard - came along for the ride - Carrie ©

Diamond and Silver enjoying every bit of their workout - Carrie ©

Antiques hidden in the snow - Carrie ©

I think - a manure spreader from days of yore - Carrie ©

A classic I'm sure - Carrie ©

Where are those sugar cubes? Carrie ©

Pencil Crayon by Carrie © - Rescued Percherons

It may be cold outside, but the fire of friendship is warm and inviting - Carrie ©

Christmas is about relationships and building memories that will carry you through the tough times – sure to come to everyone at some time or another.

Our homemade nativity scene - Carrie ©

This nativity scene the kids and I made when they were little. They’re all grown up now, but we still haul these little characters made from spools and cloth out every Christmas.

Our tradition – on Christmas eve our family tells and acts out the Christmas story of Jesus birth. We each take a part and the characters to go with that part.

The parts about Mary soon to deliver her first child,  and Joseph having to travel by donkey to Bethlehem for taxation. Caesar had ordered it and they must go… we tell of how there was no room in any inn because of this, but then they find the stable where they will be warm and safe. That night Jesus was born.

Then comes the part about the shepherds watching their sheep by night, and then the angel of the Lord showing up – suddenly in a brilliant flash of light, and how he tells them not to be afraid but to go and see the baby that was born, the son of God come to bring peace to all men – to save them from themselves and their own destructions…and the angel is joined by a host of angels singing and praising God. All of heaven is in a state of rejoicing.

We move to the Wise men and tell how they followed the star which led them many many miles, all the way to the stable where Jesus was born. They brought him most precious valuable gifts of Gold and Frankincense and Myrrh…

We light the final candle in the advent wreath…

And then… we open the gifts…

Christmas is complete once again. I sit silently in my comfy chair, alone now among the lights and the glow of the flickering candles, and I am thankful. My heart is calm and full of gratitude…for my family, my friends, and most of all my God who did the unthinkable – sent his only son Jesus to earth so that I, you, everyone, could have a relationship with Him. Now that is what it’s all about. And that is why I celebrate Christmas.

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Yesterday I took my art class to a friend’s farm where we sketched Plein Air.

En plein air is a French expression which simply means “in the open air”.

Down at the farm, sketching in the open air

Down at the farm, sketching in the open air

It is particularly used to describe the act of painting outdoors.


Although we were sketching, not painting, we were outdoors and “in the open air’. The sketching lessons will lead us to the next step which is, painting outdoors in the open air.

Here are a couple of my sketches.

The smells of spring mixed with the smells of horse manure added to the enthusiasm and inspiration of the day.

Sketching at the Farm 1 - Carrie ©

Sketching at the Farm 1 - Carrie ©

Sketching at the Farm 2 - Carrie ©

Sketching at the Farm 2 - Carrie ©

After several hours of sketching, we were served coffee and dessert. What a treat that was.  We basked in the warm sun, up on the deck off the loft of big red barn, and talked about our masterpieces.

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5 Life Drawings - The Bather  -  Carrie ©

5 Life Drawings - The Bather - Carrie ©

Life Drawing - The Bather - Carrie ©








Some of my sketches from this month’s “Life Drawing” session.

I belong to an artist group called the Central Fraser Valley Graphic Guild. Once a month we meet and sketch a live model.

All you need is a few pencils, a sketch book, and someone to draw.

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“Hold fast your dreams!

Follow your dream path

Follow the path of your dreams ©

Within your heart

Keep one still, secret spot

Where dreams may go

And, sheltered so,

May thrive and grow”

Louise Driscoll

Keep those dreams alive.

For this piece I used pencil crayon and photoshop.

original - pencil color

original - pencil crayon

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Life Drawing

Life Drawing © Carrie

Yes, life drawing, or drawing real life can be a little intimidating at first.

Once you get use to having people hang around you as you sketch, this exercise can be a lot of fun.

There’s a real satisfaction I get from not caring what someone else thinks.

Something else happens.

You get better at it.!

life drawing sketch - © Carrie

life drawing sketch - © Carrie

life drawing sketch - © Carrie

life drawing sketch - © Carrie

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My birdhouse in the snow

My birdhouse in the snow

Happy New Year everyone!

What a wonderful winter wonderland we had this Christmas.

I got that camera out and had some fun.

Central Fraser Valley Graphic Guild Members …..

Our next meeting is February 2, 2009…7:30 PM.

Let’s make this year the best ever.

About making dreams come true….”It’s only too late if you don’t start now.” Barbara Sher

Rocky couldn't get enough of the snow

Rocky couldn't get enough of the snow

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The weather this past week reminds me of the things that I don’t like about long, cold, icy, prairie winters. I thought this winter was suppose to be a mild winter, at least according to the Farmer’s Almanac. In my estimation this prediction is more than slightly off course.

I grew up in Southern Manitoba and I am very familiar with cold harsh winters. That is why I now live in BC. Snow does, however, inspire me to paint. I love to look at fresh fallen snow – and even venture out for a walk in memory lane if the temperature does not drop lower than 5 degrees below zero range.

Last Christmas we (our family)  spent a week in Manitoba. It was a week of the perfect Winter Wonderland.
5 – 10 degrees below at the most. Large snowflakes lightly falling to the ground, softly landing on my warm fur lined hood. Hoarfrost hanging on the trees, sleigh bells ringing as we took to the horse and sleigh and out into the frosty forest. Ah, yes if only winters were always that picturesque.

Oil on Canvas - Carefree ©

Oil on Canvas - Carefree © Carrie

Because they most always are not… I prefer to paint my winters. One of the pieces I particularly enjoyed painting is called “Carefree”. This piece is inspired by my love of horses and my adventurous spirit.  To create the shiny Satin look for the Percheron I used Prussian Blue, Gumbacher “Max” oil paint.

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God has blessed me with many artist friends and family, who inspire, encourage and motive me. That alone makes me a “Wealthy Artist.”

One of my very talented and creative friends is a writer (among many other things, some of which include film maker and producer). Lately he wrote a book entitled “To My Beloved Eve, Letters from Adam to his wife”. by Francis Testafront-cover-letters-to-eve

photo-francisI totally enjoyed the book. It was touching and a wonderful read. I immediately went to my Bible and read chapters 1 and 2 of Genesis. I’ve read them many times before but this time I read it with a different pair of eyes. There is so much in those chapters I hadn’t really noticed before!

Adam views Eve like every woman would like to be seen by her man. Priceless and like a precious jewel. Despite all the pain and strife in the relationship, love prevails and the depth of the relationship continues to grow to the very end. It gives hope

Francis portrays Adam’s relationship with God in a way both men and women can relate to. I appreciate the way he makes Adam work through all his issues with God. Adam doesn’t get away with anything.

Be sure to visit his very interesting and thought provoking blog http://www.letterstoeve.blogspot.com

To My Beloved Eve will be available on e-book shortly

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I probably caught your attention with The Wealthy Artist” title .

You’re wondering right now if I am really wealthy, and, just how wealthy I am, or if it’s wishful thinking. God has blessed me with many artist friends and family, who inspire, encourage and motive me. That alone makes me a “Wealthy Artist.”

Jed's Jam and Bluegrass

Jed's Jam - watercolor © Carrie

My motto “Treasures are found in simple things”.

Art Walk

To the right – Jed’s Jam in Mill Lake park (Abbotsford) this summer during Art in the Park days. I enjoyed the absolutely perfect day, sketching and listening to bluegrass all afternoon.

I invite you to visit my websites http://www.wachsmannstudios.com


You can also check out my ART BLOG at http://www.wachsmannstudios.com/blog

Some of my artist friends are writers, some are musicians and some are painters, some create in the kitchen, some are photographers, and others tell stories.

To the right, my piece called “Salsa” -created for the “Something Red” show.

Salsa - Oil on canvas ©

Salsa - Oil on canvas © Carrie

Prints on Canvas available Price:  $185.00

Size:  24″ x 20″

contact Carrie at carrie@wachsmannstudios.com

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