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BC is on the cutting edge of Alzheimer’s research.

The University of BC along with the Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute Researchers has been making headlines.

Caring for the elderly with love - Carrie ©

Gerry Bellett of the Vancouver Sun writes, “Researchers at the University of B.C. and the Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute have identified the gene that destroys brain cells in both Alzheimer’s patients and people with Down syndrome.”

This discovery is significant in helping scientist find answers to forestalling Alzheimer’s disease.

Although it will probably take years before science finds these answers, this discovery offers hope for the future.

In the meantime, there  is one care facility making headlines by letting love and respect for the elderly rule their care giving.

Each Alzheimer’s patient is given the freedom to eat, bath, sleep and even eat as much chocolate as he or she wants.  A little ‘schnaps’ before bedtime is also given, if that is what brings comfort.

I have a family member in a care home, and several friends who have a member disabled by Alzheimer’s disease.  I applaud this way of caring for the elderly.

Here’s what happened to one 96 year old  Alzheimer’s patient in Beatitudes care home, when they decided to break the rules and let her have what she wanted …Read more…

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