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As I was working on one of my latest art pieces, I found myself smiling.

This was often followed by a soft sigh.

Why? My lightening fast mind kicked in and reminded me that it’s at these moments that my body produces significant amounts of DMAE.

That I was involuntarily producing an anti-aging hormone brought another smile to my face.

Yes, the anti-aging DMAE hormone we all long for…  at least those of us who care. Those who realize we are coming apart at the seams… somewhat.

Before I get on to the DMAE anti-aging – easy to acquire youth hormone… let me add an aside.

A big Thank you to my faithful readers… those who’ve checked in on my site during the summer/fall months.

My usual, at least once a month post, dragged out to be every other month… but I have not forgotten you.

That darn organic garden just took over…weeds and all.

Some important tasks, like blogging, were left for a another day.

Actually I loved the gardening – even the weeding.

A little piece of heaven in my otherwise whirlwind of a world. Anyone know what I’m talking about?

Well, now that ‘nother day is here.

I’ve put the garden to bed for the winter and it’s time to get back into things like blogging and painting.

What makes me smile…

“Milking Rosie”

The story behind Milking  Rosie.

As a child, I would visit my grandparents’ farm on a daily basis. I especially loved to hang around at milking time.

One aunt would often conscript me to hold the cow’s tail to keep it from swatting her in the face.  That tail had a nasty sting as I soon discovered.

Cats and their kittens came out of the barnwork, and waited patiently for a squirt of warm milk. They got pretty good at catching the stream.

Milking Rosie sketch - (oil painting to follow) Carrie ©

Etched in my memory, this experience always brings a smile to my face – the kind of smile that supposedly  immediately increases the levels of DMAE in your body. (anti-aging !!!)

Happy thoughts, laughter, giggles, anything that makes you sign and go ‘ahh.

Think on these things and your internal fountain of youth will begin to bubble and then pour.

(Check out my post on “God Gave Me Laughter” for more on what happy thoughts can do for you.)


In my research, I discovered that anchovies, wild salmon (not farmed) and sardines contain DMAE.

Rosie, was a Jersey cow.  Jersey cows are quite beautiful, I think.

Anyone who has met a Jersey will be captivated by their eyes. Big, beautiful, soft, and gentle with thick, long and curly eye lashes. (to die for eyes)

Jersey cows produce much more cream than other cows. Rosie gave us plenty of rich cream to turn into butter.

Making butter the way we did, was the perfect arm muscle toner/builder. (another sure fire way to up your DMAE – good healthy exercise)

Today we set aside time to lift weights and count to 10 or 20. Back then we had to shake the container until we had butter. A lot longer than a count to 10 or 20.

My thought for the day – seek out those things that make you smile and make some butter.

As for me, I’m planning to have several more “smile” moments thoughout the day.

And, I think I’ll have Wild Pacific Salmon for dinner…again.

As for making the butter…perhaps tomorrow.

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I have decided that laughter is something precious. Although the scripture verse found in the Christian Bible, “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine”, is a verse I have been familiar with for many years, I haven’t always actually taken it to heart – the exception perhaps on the days that I didn’t feel so well. Now I am beginning to realize how “preventative” this merry heart can be.

I always wished for a sense of humor. I sometimes even felt envy towards someone with a quick whit, great one liners, and smart comebacks.

Then the Lord showed me that a sense of humor is something we can cultivate. Yes, some come by it naturally but for those of us who need to practice humor, take heart.

The first thing I learned is that it stems from a happy heart, a heart that sees the good in things and is not easily offended. Offense is probably the most likely thing that will keep me from seeing the “funny side” of things. Now that seems to me that I’m mostly thinking about me. Ahh – another key to happiness. Less of me.

The second thing I learned is that cultivating a good sense of humor takes work. Some days it comes easy, and I even surprise myself with a little bit of spontaneous wit. But most of the time I have to stop and ask myself what possible humor is there is this situation. I want to laugh more, to live in the moment and love it. Not because it’s necessarily an extraordinary wonderful moment, but because it’s mine and I’m living it, and there is so much more to get out of that moment than I often realize.

To quote author Barbara Johnson, “After a lifetime of straining to be “the perfect perky ideal,” finally your breasts can relax”. Ah yes, that says it all doesn’t it. I just wish I had thought of that one.

Be assured, I am coming up with my own precious laughter moments and am intending to share them with who ever will listen.

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