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Happy Valentine’s Day to

all my friends and followers

Valentine's Day card 2011

Happy Valentine's Day - Carrie ©

Have a wonderful, stress-free, happy day and pass it on.

Ideas to help make your day a good one:

What women want for Valentine’s Day


How to express your love on Valentine’s Day

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Does Valentine’s Day promote anti-aging?

Valentine card - Hart Wachsmann ©

Valentine’s Day is very popular.

Everyone wants to stay young.

Put the two together and make them work for you for the rest of the year.

If everyday we thought about love and how to express it, we’d all probably live to be a 120 years old. Maybe more.

Those good, loving, happy thoughts would keep the stresses of life where they belong – underfoot.

If you need a little encouragement in expressing your love and affection to your Valentine, you can find some great advice at examiner.com, “How to express your love on Valentine’s Day.”

Stay young, be happy and nurture your relationships.

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Once again my husband has had a successful mouse hunt experience.

Look what he brought home for me for Valentines!

Cupid Mouse

Cupid Mouse image from "Mousehunt"

Mousehunt is a clever interactive game found on Facebook. Be warned – it could be addictive.


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Written by a friend for his wife ….. with permission to share.

A Recipe

For all you Romantics out there...

For all you Romantics out there...


Sands of sorrow

Sands of time




Your life



Your heart

My soul

The truth


Not to harden

But to hold firm

The flame of my soul

The love of my life

by Arie De Lint

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