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The weather this past week reminds me of the things that I don’t like about long, cold, icy, prairie winters. I thought this winter was suppose to be a mild winter, at least according to the Farmer’s Almanac. In my estimation this prediction is more than slightly off course.

I grew up in Southern Manitoba and I am very familiar with cold harsh winters. That is why I now live in BC. Snow does, however, inspire me to paint. I love to look at fresh fallen snow – and even venture out for a walk in memory lane if the temperature does not drop lower than 5 degrees below zero range.

Last Christmas we (our family)  spent a week in Manitoba. It was a week of the perfect Winter Wonderland.
5 – 10 degrees below at the most. Large snowflakes lightly falling to the ground, softly landing on my warm fur lined hood. Hoarfrost hanging on the trees, sleigh bells ringing as we took to the horse and sleigh and out into the frosty forest. Ah, yes if only winters were always that picturesque.

Oil on Canvas - Carefree ©

Oil on Canvas - Carefree © Carrie

Because they most always are not… I prefer to paint my winters. One of the pieces I particularly enjoyed painting is called “Carefree”. This piece is inspired by my love of horses and my adventurous spirit.  To create the shiny Satin look for the Percheron I used Prussian Blue, Gumbacher “Max” oil paint.

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